List of Auto Repair and Servicing Centers as well as Garages

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The Growing Auto Repair and Servicing Industry

Auto repair and servicing shops, car service, or simply garage, provide services of fixing, maintaining and customizing motor vehicles. There are several types of repair shops, some specialized for individual mechanical parts or systems, other focusing on customization. Some garages specialize in repairing and retailing body parts and equipment exclusively for classic cars, and there are also official dealerships and manufacturers’ repair centers.

Some of the basic vehicle servicing include:

  • Changing transmission and other fluids, such are engine, brake and gear oil.
  • Replacement of air filters, bulbs, wiper blades and spark plugs
  • Seasonal tire installation, alignment, air leak and pressure monitoring
  • Transmission, handling and exhaust system tune-up
  • Suspension and shock absorbents maintenance

Depending on the age of the car, manufacturer, mileage, weather conditions, or road infrastructure, regular servicing should take place every tree to six months, or 5000 to 10 000 km. Regular maintenance could improve fuel efficiency and gas mileage, prevent additional repair costs and save up to $500 a year. There are many factors which determine how often a regular auto repair and servicing should be performed. An interval of three to six months is generally recommended for fluid and filter change, and the preventive servicing, such are brake and disk pads inspection, battery maintenance, air conditioning and cooling systems service, are recommended to be scheduled at least once a year.

It is always recommended to seek service from certified auto repair and servicing centers, and use manufacturer’s original spare parts. Many of them provide reasonable warranty period for their services. A simple internet search should provide information on local car repair shops, prices and warranty periods for individual repairs.

Body shops specialize on the exterior and vehicles’ body parts. Aside from basic customizing services, such are painting and coating, body shops provide services of fixing corrosion and collision damage, bumper repairs and dent removals. Regular car body servicing is recommended in the spring, as road salt and other defrosting substances used during the winter can cause damage, not only on the body, but also to the transmission and brake lines.

With the rapid development in technology, electronic parts have become an essential part of many modern cars. Electronic sensors are being integrated into vehicle’s vital parts, with software controlling air conditioning, sound and navigation systems, and even transmission and handling systems. These electronic parts can monitor and store data of vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency, thus providing basis for increasingly effective remote diagnostics.

With the increasing average car age, especially in Europe and Asia, and innovative technological progress, it is estimated that auto repair and servicing industry can face a substantial growth in the upcoming years.

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